Software Framework: TESV: Skyrim Creation Engine
Project: Skyrim Overhaul Mod: Baldur’s Gate
Duration: February 2016 - Present

Nashkel is a multi-cell, non-encapsulated world space centered on a small town, developed for the Skyrim TESV Engine using the Creation Kit. This level is designed on the original Nashkel zone from the 1998 CRPG Baldur's Gate 1. As part of the development challenge, only 3D assets packaged with the Creation Kit were used for development. The area features more than 30 unique NPCs, multiple AI packages and quests, and significant cinematic quest-sequence scripting.

Level Panorama

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Looking into Nashkel from the southern wilderness.
2 / 3
Traveling into Nashkel from the Tradeway Road.
3 / 3
The quiet Nashkel farmlands.

Nashkel is a small farm town in the south of the regional world map. It provides an inn, a temple for healing, a few small shops, multiple new companions, and a large set of quests. It is a major hub of safety for the player to explore the local area.