Reevor’s Infestation Side Quest

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Software Framework: TESV: Skyrim Creation Engine
Project: Skyrim Overhaul Mod: Baldur’s Gate

This document outlines the Reevor’s Infestation Side Quest within the city of Candlekeep for the Skyrim Overhaul Mod: Baldur’s Gate. This document template, a Side Quest Design Document (SQDD), was styled after the IEEE SRS Design Document. This document is provided under Apache 2.0 and you may freely utilize them as a templates for your own projects.

In this quest, the player receives a quest to kill a handful of rats invading a food storage warehouse owned by the dwarf Reevor. The player enters the storage warehouse, and proceeds to exterminate the rats. Once the player has completely cleared out the warehouse, they return to Reevor for a small reward.

This quest was successfully developed and tested under the scheduled guideline in the SQDD. This quest can be viewed with quest-completed conditions in the demo video.