Phlydia’s Book Side Quest

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Software Framework: TESV: Skyrim Creation Engine
Project: Skyrim Overhaul Mod: Baldur’s Gate

This document outlines the Phlydia’s Book Side Quest within the city of Candlekeep for the Skyrim Overhaul Mod: Baldur’s Gate. This document template, a Side Quest Design Document (SQDD), was styled after the IEEE SRS Design Document. This document is provided under Apache 2.0 and you may freely utilize it as a templates for your own projects.

In this quest, the player receives a quest to find a missing book, called The History of Halruaa, for a moderately powerful wizard in Candlekeep named Phlydia. The player may then search for the book, or purchase a copy from a local merchant. Once the player has found the book, they return it to Phlydia for a small reward.

This quest was successfully developed and tested under the scheduled guideline in the SQDD. This quest can be viewed with quest-completed conditions in the demo video.