Companion: Minsc

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Software Framework: TESV: Skyrim Creation Engine
Project: Skyrim Overhaul Mod: Baldur’s Gate

This document outlines Minsc, a follower NPC option for the Skyrim Overhaul Mod: Baldur’s Gate. This document template, an NPC Design Document (NPCDD), was styled after the IEEE SRS Design Document, rather than the standard GDD. This document is provided under Apache 2.0 and you may freely utilize them as a templates for your own projects

Minsc is a hardened warrior with the special ability to draw on immense power during combat through a berserk rage. The player meets Minsc in their journey through the story of Baldur’s Gate in the town of Nashkel. Minsc is considered one of the most memorable characters of the original game due to his combat prowess and his quirky banter. Minsc is strongly tied to an NPC Side-Quest, called The Witch from Rashamen: Dynaheir.

This NPC was successfully developed and tested under the scheduled guideline in the NPCDD. This NPC can be viewed in various scenarios of combat and interaction showing his abilities and combat balance in the demo video.