Candlekeep Watchers

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Software Framework: TESV: Skyrim Creation Engine
Project: Skyrim Overhaul Mod: Baldur’s Gate

This document outlines the Candlekeep Watchers, who are a faction of NPCs for the Skyrim Overhaul Mod: Baldur’s Gate. This document template, an NPC Design Document (NPCDD), was styled after the IEEE SRS Design Document, rather than the standard GDD. This document is licensed under Apache 2.0 and you may freely utilize them as a templates for your own projects.

The Candlekeep Watchers are a loosely managed group of guardsmen at Candlekeep, who handle general law enforcement and perform guard duties against theft and assault. The Watchers are heavily armed and well trained, but they take a neutral stance in issues around the Sword Coast and stay confined to the walls of Candlekeep.

These NPCs were successfully developed and tested under the scheduled guideline in the NPCDD. The Candlekeep Watchers can be viewed in various scenarios of combat, patrol, guard duty, and basic interactions displaying their reactions to the player and NPCs as well as general combat balance in the demo video.