Xvarts: Miniature Giant Balding Smurfs

Hello again! As I said in my last post, I really wanted to get a few things done before I left on my awesome 5-week Honeymoon frolic through Europe. So first things up:

They speak! They’re Blue! They cower when you beat the crap out of them!

I was able to get the Xvart spawners working, get their voices in, get the navmesh configured enough to test, and then get the scaling of the encounters configured as well. Here’s the results:

Aw, they’re so tough, and I am so vicious with my knife…

As you can see, these annoying little ankle-cannibals need their factions updated so they don’t kill each other and actually work together. But, since the spawners are working well, the next big thing is to fix the navnesh around the Xvart village and place the spawners around that. I must also include the bear(s) and such.

Fun stuff! I still need to update the music and a few other things (Like, that is waaay too many fireflies in the area…looks ridiculous even at night) to hit my goal, but those videos will be rather boring, so I’ll leave you with this quick update.

See you all in a few weeks!

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